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Making a Difference


Challenging discriminaton
Anti-discrimination meeting


At One Community Link, we understand the difficulties many people face in integrating with the local community. We can provide help and support to those experiencing hate crime and discrimination.

Hate crime includes behaviour that is intimidating, upsetting, embarrassing, humiliating or offensive and affects the dignity of the person it is directed at.

We act as intermediaries, providing support and guidance for families who are going through the asylum process and may have particular concerns about hate crime.

We also work in partnership with the charities Catalyst Stockton and All in Youth to design workshops, talks and events that challenge structural racism in schools and institutions.

Find out more at:

Challenging Racism, Changing Lives.

If you need support in reporting hate crime, contact us or visit us at our offices

 In case of emergencies, always call 999 and ask for the police 

Help for migrants
OCL team


We offer a safe and welcoming space for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants coming to Stockton, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Darlington.


We help migrants to familiarise with their local area and access important services such as health care and housing. We signpost users to the right place, locally, so they can find the right help.


OCL supports service users in finding employment as well as offering free classes to help build skills and meet new friends.

Our mental health support network and ethnic specialists are available to listen as people in need pour out their struggles and concerns.

We are there for you, we will listen to you, we will support you. You are not alone.

To find out more, contact us.

English lessons
English lessons at OCL


One Community Link provides free English language classes. Our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Lessons can be one-to-one or in groups.

Our language cafe gives the opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills such as baking and cooking.

Learning English is an important part of integration, helping migrants build skills and feel part of the local community. Learning English can help improve mental health and wellbeing, and allow participants to move forward with their new life, as well as making friends.

English lessons: Fridays 11am-2.30pm

Language Cafe: Mondays 10am-1.30pm

To find out more, contact us.

Fitness classes
Exercise class at OCL


We offer fun, active and exciting FREE training sessions in partnership with Absolute Gym. Classes include Zumba, interval training, HIT and more.


Come along and work out with us! We welcome all services users to our fitness classes, which are suitable for beginners.

After the class we have healthy fruit and vegetables and salads for users to take away.

Fitness classes: Thursdays 11-12.15


To find out more, contact us.

Sewing classes
Sewing class at OCL


Learn to sew and crochet in classes every Thursday at our base at Rhema House in Stockton. Classes are friendly and welcoming, for people of all abilities.

You only need to bring yourself! We have fabric and equipment for you to work with.

Sewing classes: Fridays 10am-2.00pm

To find out more, contact us.

Meals Clothes
Hot food at OCL


We provide summer and winter clothes to people in our community as well as hot, nourishing meals.

The food bank is provided by Acts of Love International Church, who also operate out of Rhema House in Stockton. Please contact them for more information as you may need to book a slot.

Clothing bank and Drop-in: Tuesdays, 11am-1.30pm

Fruit & veg takeaway: Thursdays 12.30-12.50

Food bank: Wednesdays and some Fridays

(call 07852 948198 for food bank)

To find out more, contact us

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